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De-Stressing in Connecticut - Spas

As a New England state, Connecticut has a spa tradition. Book a treatment session at any one of these spas in Connecticut and you can watch the leaves turn in bliss.

De-Stressing in Connecticut - Spas

Spas in Connecticut will help you to relax and refresh from the tensions of the daily life. Spa treatments are recommended as they help to rejuvenate the body and improve the self healing capacity of body. There are an array of spas in Connecticut that offer top notch pampering and a bit more.

Shear Artistry Spa & Salon is one among the better known spas in Connecticut. It offers comprehensive spa therapies, which include routine spa treatments as well as focused treatments for any particular aesthetic problems. The spa services include deep sea detox, French body gommage, aroma wrap, slimming treatment, moor mud wrap, relaxation massage, pregnancy massage, trigger point therapy, chair massage, energy balancing treatment, varicose and spider vein treatment, targeted cellulite treatment and pedicures. The Shear Artistry Spa & Salon is located at Riverdale Farms, Building 9 Avon, CT. Prior appointments can be made by calling 860-676-9667.

Parisian Salon & Spa is an elegant spa service which provides several specialized spa packages and treatments. It assures a relaxing environment with even lunch and snacks included in certain packages. The important treatments of Parisian Salon & Spa include body wraps, massages, algae body wrap, sea salt glow, hot stone therapy, physiodermie skin correcting facial, anti-aging micodermabrasion, hair services, color enhancement, perms, conditioning treatments, manicure, pedicure, and waxing. The exact location of Parisian Salon & Spa is 9 Berlin Road, Cromwell, CT. For further information you can dial 860-632-2144.

Lavender Fields Spa is another famous spa in Connecticut. Apart from the usual spa treatments, Lavender Fields Spa offers many specialized treatments for couples and gentlemen. The pick of its services include Swedish Massage, Deep Tissue Massage, Sports Massage, Pregnancy Massage, Hot Stone Massage, Reflexology, Chair Massage, Anti-aging facial, Alpha facial, Cleansing facial, Sinus drainage, Hand and Arm treatment, eye care treatment, Microdermabrasion, LED Light therapy treatment, nails and waxing, Margarita Pedicure, Creamsicle Pedicure, Milk and Honey Pedicure, Body Glow, Yonka Soin Velours, Yonka Phyto Marine Wraps, and Yonka Hydralessence Body Wrap. Lavender Fields Spa is located at 175 New Britain Avenue, Plainville, CT. For appointments and other info, make a call at 860-747-9958.

Somers Spa & Hair Salon is another superior spa in Connecticut. It offers a range of advanced spa treatments such as lifting beauté, gentlemen's facial, vasculyse treatment, photo-rejuvenation treatment, medical acne treatment, medical grade peels, spa back treatment, classic spa pedicure, demi-spa pedicure, deluxe spa pedicure, classic spa manicure, peppermint pattie pedicure, soul 2 sole foot treatment, hot stone pedicure, wave/relaxing services, hair color, highlighting, hair extensions, collagen eye treatment, eye lashes, full body bronzing, semi-permanent eyelash extensions, waxing and hair removal. Somers Spa & Hair Salon is located at 36 South Road (Rt 83), Somers, CT. Appointment and further details are available through phone, 860-763-4544.

The natural beauty of Connecticut is indisputable. Take in one of the spas in Connecticut and you will appreciate it all the more.

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De-Stress in Atlanta- Spas

Atlanta is undoubtedly one of the top cities in the South. Among the many benefits, Atlanta spas are some of the best in the country.

Atlanta is one of the jewels of the South, and there are many excellent Atlanta spas. There are plenty to choose from, and for a tired tourist who is looking for a suitable spa for some much needed pampering and rejuvenation, it is just about finding the right one in the city. Here are a couple of spas in Atlanta and its neighborhoods.

To start with, the Jolie Spa and Hair Design at 3619 Piedmont Road is one of the Atlanta spas that offers all standard spa services at reasonable rates. Its services include different body treatments, eyebrow and lash tinting, an array of facials, massages – therapeutic, stone, and Swedish, to name a few – manicures and pedicures, waxing, hair design, and comprehensive makeup packages. Treatments like reflexology and Thai yoga therapy and selected spa packages are the other specialties of Jolie Spa. Gift certificates are available online. For more info about the Atlanta location of the Premier Spa Collections, based in Minnesota, dial 800-542-4247 or email CustomerService@PremierSalons.Com.

As the name suggests – Too Groovy Salon & Spa – is an ideal place in Atlanta to undergo a total transformation of soul, body and mind. This amongst Atlanta spas offers to its customers the ultimate wellness experience that includes skin care – facial and aromatherapy – various massages – prenatal and stone for example – steam therapy, waxing, manicures and pedicures, microdermabrasion, mud treatment, and hair care. Spa packages and complete bridal hair styling are notable presence in the service list of Too Groovy. Gift certificates for various occasions can be obtained online. For further info or for bookings, call 404-873-5300 or email contactus@toogroovy.net. A new location of Too Groovy has now been open – Too Groovy on Lenox – at 2770 Lenox Road.

There is another spa in Atlanta that tired souls can safely turn to – the Key Lime Pie Salon and Wellness Spa. This Atlanta spa provides topnotch spa treatments as well as comprehensive salon care, a combination of services that is not available in most spas. Its list of services includes an array of massages, facial treatments, aqua therapy, manicures and pedicures, and waxing. Special spa packages are priced between $135 and $450. Gift certificates can be purchased for all spa and salon services by simply specifying the amount. For appointments, email klpweb06@keylimepie.net or dial 404-873-6512.

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Finding a Health Spa

There are many types of Spas each offering a different type of Services for their Customers with varied needs. You have to be careful in selecting your Spa and before your visit to your Health Spa, you must be clear about what you need to get out of your intended visit. You must know beforehand that all your requirements will be fulfilled in the Health Spa you have selected.

Finding a spa is based on what you are looking for like relaxation, rejuvenation, or some form of therapy for a condition or a trouble area you are dealing with. Each of these Services is offered by different types of Spa and you must be aware which type of Spa to select to get the Service you require.

A memorable Health Spa visit can be yours only if you are familiar with different types of Spa and their amount of time available to you for the Services you have selected. Spas can be classified into four basic categories as fitness, wellness, and day spa and holistic.

In fitness spa you can find aerobics to sports for People who want to relax and lose weight. These spas are very therapeutic for active People who enjoy being outdoors, or for those who wish to learn a new activity.

Wellness is for People who have certain Health issues. Licensed Health care specialists supervise their clients while first class clinically effective treatments are administered on the patient's request. The patients vary from those overcoming an operation to those who are trying to quit Smoking or Drinking.

Day Spa is used primarily for pampering. This type is not an expensive when compared to others. Clients come to day spas looking for a few Hours of relaxation and beautification. Day spas are great as a preparation for Weddings or a formal event where you will need to look your best. They are also great gift ideas for anyone looking for a rejuvenating experience.

Holistic is to treat the Body as well as the Mind and Spirit. Many new Techniques are implemented and often include traditions from other Cultures such as Meditation and Tai Chi. Even the cuisine makes an effort to be fully nourishing. These are some of the useful ideas in selecting your Spa. Try to maintain cleanliness in your Spa visit.

If you follow these things then your Health Spa visit will be an memorable experience and you can get the Treatment or Service in such a way that you get the benefit for the Money spent and you get a feeling that the Money has been well spent.

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Different Types Of Spas

We are usually willing to spend lots of money on clothes, food, traveling and luxuries of life. However, making a trip to the spa and spending money on the treatments available there is something we are rather reluctant to spend money on. The well being of our body is something that has to have a priority in life. So it is actually not a waste spending some money on the treatments in the spa if you are going to get refreshed and rejuvenated after the treatments.

A visit to a spa, even for just an afternoon for a simple massage gives amazing effects to our state of mind. We feel relaxed and happier and can face the hassles of life in a better way. So it is actually worth it making a trip to a spa at least in our lives. However, choosing the right spa for the right treatment proves to be a great task. You have to first have a target to reach for through the treatments in the spa. This is because there are different types of spas that cater to your different needs like relaxation, conditioning, rejuvenation, etc.

There are basically four types of spas. The first is the spa that caters to the wellness of the client. This is for people who have an eventful medical history and treatments are vested after discussions with the client’s licensed health care specialists. Most of the people visiting these spas for treatments are persons recovering from operations and people trying to quit smoking or alcohol. Treatments are administered to the patients according to the case.

The second type of spa is those that take the fitness of the client into consideration. They are specially designed for those who want to relax. Activities like aerobics and outdoor sports are provided here for better physical fitness and relaxation for the client. So this spa is better for the person who is more playful at heart. They enjoy this program because of the chance they are given of learning more activities in the spa.

The third type of spa is the holistic spa. The main reason people join this spa is to learn more about spirituality. This is the best place to head to for to learn more about self-realization. There are different meditation techniques taught here and these treatments come from different cultures and beliefs like the Chinese Tai Chi meditation.

The fourth and the more famous spa is the day spa. People who visit these spas are usually the ones who are more beauty-conscious. Making a visit to these spas gives the client an opportunity to beautify themselves and to relax themselves too. There are different types of treatments that are provided in the day spa that help to relax you and beautify you at the same time like mud packs, sauna baths, massages and yoga. In fact, the day spa is the place the bride and bridegroom head for a few days before the great day!

So making a visit to any form of a spa is greatly suggested. You feel withdrawn from the usual monotonous routine here in the spa, and greatly rejuvenated when you leave it!

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Affordable Spa Vacation? Discover It Here!

How many of you are guilty of needing another vacation just to recover from your last vacation? Vacation will never be the same again once you have tried out spa vacation. It can leave you feeling refreshed, relaxed and healthier. There are a number of different kinds of spa 'vacations'. They range from luxury pampering to rugged boot camps designed to get your body back into shape. You can choose a destination spa package, where the entire resort is devoted to fitness and health, or a vacation to a resort that has spa facilities. Spa vacation allows you to enhance your travel with health, beauty and relaxation.

Popular Destinations

Here in the United States, there are hundreds of resorts built on the idea of beauty and health treatments, pampering and prodding their guests into fitness and health. If you choose a destination spa as the location of your spa vacation, you can look forward to activities, meals and schedules that are designed to focus on beauty and health. The particular focus may be on weight loss, nutrition, exercise or luxurious pampering. Some of the most popular spa vacation destinations over the past five to ten years are Miami, Sanibel, St. Petersburg and Las Vegas!


Spa vacations are nothing new, though they are rising in popularity again. In the 1800s, it was common for the well-to-do to 'take the waters' at Baden-Baden in Germany. It's still a popular city destination for last minute spa vacations. The thermal waters of the springs in the city are reputed to have healing powers. For over 300 years, hotels and spas have catered to guests who want to return from a vacation fit, refreshed and healthy.

Resort Spa

If you'd prefer a more relaxing vacation that allows you to engage in other activities, a resort spa may be more to your liking. At a resort spa, you'll have a broad menu of leisure choices that might include golfing, skiing, water sports or hiking.

Your meal choices will often include world class cuisine alongside the healthy spa food. You'll have all the benefits of a health spa without the immersive experience, and all the fun of a resort vacation with special treatment and meals to help you focus on improving your inner and outer self.

While you're enjoying an energizing massage and wrap, you can be assured that there are plenty of activities to keep your children and spouse happy and busy as well.

Low on Budget

Spa vacations can be as simple as a day spend at a local spa. They are usually 1/2/3 days of pampering and energizing massages, or enjoy the luxury of beauty treatments that may take half an hour, or extend over the course of a day. For a comprehensive list of spa resorts and affordable last minute spa vacation packages, check out Last-Minute-Vacation-Guide.com.

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Raleigh Day Spa Relaxation and Results: Don't Sacrifice One for the Other

We all desire relaxation and stress-relief. We long for the indulgence of pampering spa treatments. Spa treatments really do make a difference in the health and appearance of the skin and some of the emphasis seems to have shifted from pampering to results. But, today more than ever, we all need some serious relaxation. There is no need to sacrifice relaxation for results.

If there is just an hour to get maximum results and relaxation, the “spa experience” must begin the minute you enter a spa. At Blue Water Spa in Raleigh, North Carolina, part of the experience is the sight and sound of water. Two large waterwalls create a peaceful serene environment from both the sites and sounds of water. At the Grove Park Inn in Asheville, an underground wonderland with water features greets clients. Kohler Water Spas create an environment of relaxation with their magnificent water features. By visiting a spas website and taking a virtual tour, you can experience the environment.

Most spas will include soothing music and aromatherapy as part of the environment to provide relaxation. And, of course, being personally greeted by someone who knows your name and wants to take care of you will help you leave your trouble at the door.

The newest trend in spa treatments, are services that include more than one provider. A favorite or many spa goers is a facial treatment, whether it be a traditional facial, microdermabrasion, chemical peel or an oxygenating skin treatment combined with a foot treatment.

A Foot Fantasy involves a therapist massaging the feet with warm aromatherapy oils using both their hands and hot stones followed by a warm paraffin dip to melt away tension and deeply hydrate the feet.

For many, a one hour treatment with two therapists is the ideal spa visit. For a busy parent or professional who requires results and relaxation, but cannot afford to spend several hours in the spa, a foot fantasy with a facial treatment is the ideal way to get maximum relaxation in minimum time.

http://www.bluewaterspa.com can provide information on spa treatments that offer both relaxation and results. Blue Water Spa has been voted best spa in Raleigh and was recognized as one of the best spas in America 2005 by American Spa Magazine.

California Spa Vacations

They call it health tourism. Tourists go to exotic island resorts in Asia and Europe not just for recreation, but also for total body rejuvenation. The spa industry has evolved from providing mere cosmetic solutions to giving a more holistic approach to caring for the body- by incorporating Eastern herbal medication, massages and essences with modern technology. Spas are creating a whole new level of experience for their patrons.

In sunny California, you will find some wonderful spas. Whether you want a facial made from mud taken from the banks of the Dead Sea or a skin-revitalizing bath of pressed grapes, you will them in California.

Finding respite from the hustle and bustle of daily city living is easier than you think. What?s more, you can take your young children along for spa sessions for fun treatments too. Most spas designed their facilities and services with enjoyment for the whole families in mind.

Numerous travel agencies cater specifically to spa vacations so finding the right spa resort for you and your entire family will not be too difficult. To give you an idea, spa resorts are usually located amidst breathtaking landscapes. They give a feeling of being away from it all, where your only worries are choosing between blueberry and wheat germ body scrub.

A spa vacation entitles you to avail of different kinds of massages and skin therapies. They will prepare a treatment plan for you, depending on your needs. The spa offers different treatments for female and male clients. Kids are also bound to get excited with treatments such as chocolate hand and foot scrubs and massages.

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