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De-Stressing in Connecticut - Spas

As a New England state, Connecticut has a spa tradition. Book a treatment session at any one of these spas in Connecticut and you can watch the leaves turn in bliss.

De-Stressing in Connecticut - Spas

Spas in Connecticut will help you to relax and refresh from the tensions of the daily life. Spa treatments are recommended as they help to rejuvenate the body and improve the self healing capacity of body. There are an array of spas in Connecticut that offer top notch pampering and a bit more.

Shear Artistry Spa & Salon is one among the better known spas in Connecticut. It offers comprehensive spa therapies, which include routine spa treatments as well as focused treatments for any particular aesthetic problems. The spa services include deep sea detox, French body gommage, aroma wrap, slimming treatment, moor mud wrap, relaxation massage, pregnancy massage, trigger point therapy, chair massage, energy balancing treatment, varicose and spider vein treatment, targeted cellulite treatment and pedicures. The Shear Artistry Spa & Salon is located at Riverdale Farms, Building 9 Avon, CT. Prior appointments can be made by calling 860-676-9667.

Parisian Salon & Spa is an elegant spa service which provides several specialized spa packages and treatments. It assures a relaxing environment with even lunch and snacks included in certain packages. The important treatments of Parisian Salon & Spa include body wraps, massages, algae body wrap, sea salt glow, hot stone therapy, physiodermie skin correcting facial, anti-aging micodermabrasion, hair services, color enhancement, perms, conditioning treatments, manicure, pedicure, and waxing. The exact location of Parisian Salon & Spa is 9 Berlin Road, Cromwell, CT. For further information you can dial 860-632-2144.

Lavender Fields Spa is another famous spa in Connecticut. Apart from the usual spa treatments, Lavender Fields Spa offers many specialized treatments for couples and gentlemen. The pick of its services include Swedish Massage, Deep Tissue Massage, Sports Massage, Pregnancy Massage, Hot Stone Massage, Reflexology, Chair Massage, Anti-aging facial, Alpha facial, Cleansing facial, Sinus drainage, Hand and Arm treatment, eye care treatment, Microdermabrasion, LED Light therapy treatment, nails and waxing, Margarita Pedicure, Creamsicle Pedicure, Milk and Honey Pedicure, Body Glow, Yonka Soin Velours, Yonka Phyto Marine Wraps, and Yonka Hydralessence Body Wrap. Lavender Fields Spa is located at 175 New Britain Avenue, Plainville, CT. For appointments and other info, make a call at 860-747-9958.

Somers Spa & Hair Salon is another superior spa in Connecticut. It offers a range of advanced spa treatments such as lifting beauté, gentlemen's facial, vasculyse treatment, photo-rejuvenation treatment, medical acne treatment, medical grade peels, spa back treatment, classic spa pedicure, demi-spa pedicure, deluxe spa pedicure, classic spa manicure, peppermint pattie pedicure, soul 2 sole foot treatment, hot stone pedicure, wave/relaxing services, hair color, highlighting, hair extensions, collagen eye treatment, eye lashes, full body bronzing, semi-permanent eyelash extensions, waxing and hair removal. Somers Spa & Hair Salon is located at 36 South Road (Rt 83), Somers, CT. Appointment and further details are available through phone, 860-763-4544.

The natural beauty of Connecticut is indisputable. Take in one of the spas in Connecticut and you will appreciate it all the more.

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De-Stress in Atlanta- Spas

Atlanta is undoubtedly one of the top cities in the South. Among the many benefits, Atlanta spas are some of the best in the country.

Atlanta is one of the jewels of the South, and there are many excellent Atlanta spas. There are plenty to choose from, and for a tired tourist who is looking for a suitable spa for some much needed pampering and rejuvenation, it is just about finding the right one in the city. Here are a couple of spas in Atlanta and its neighborhoods.

To start with, the Jolie Spa and Hair Design at 3619 Piedmont Road is one of the Atlanta spas that offers all standard spa services at reasonable rates. Its services include different body treatments, eyebrow and lash tinting, an array of facials, massages – therapeutic, stone, and Swedish, to name a few – manicures and pedicures, waxing, hair design, and comprehensive makeup packages. Treatments like reflexology and Thai yoga therapy and selected spa packages are the other specialties of Jolie Spa. Gift certificates are available online. For more info about the Atlanta location of the Premier Spa Collections, based in Minnesota, dial 800-542-4247 or email CustomerService@PremierSalons.Com.

As the name suggests – Too Groovy Salon & Spa – is an ideal place in Atlanta to undergo a total transformation of soul, body and mind. This amongst Atlanta spas offers to its customers the ultimate wellness experience that includes skin care – facial and aromatherapy – various massages – prenatal and stone for example – steam therapy, waxing, manicures and pedicures, microdermabrasion, mud treatment, and hair care. Spa packages and complete bridal hair styling are notable presence in the service list of Too Groovy. Gift certificates for various occasions can be obtained online. For further info or for bookings, call 404-873-5300 or email contactus@toogroovy.net. A new location of Too Groovy has now been open – Too Groovy on Lenox – at 2770 Lenox Road.

There is another spa in Atlanta that tired souls can safely turn to – the Key Lime Pie Salon and Wellness Spa. This Atlanta spa provides topnotch spa treatments as well as comprehensive salon care, a combination of services that is not available in most spas. Its list of services includes an array of massages, facial treatments, aqua therapy, manicures and pedicures, and waxing. Special spa packages are priced between $135 and $450. Gift certificates can be purchased for all spa and salon services by simply specifying the amount. For appointments, email klpweb06@keylimepie.net or dial 404-873-6512.

Find more information on day spas in your area at ResortSpaDestinations.com.

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Finding a Health Spa

There are many types of Spas each offering a different type of Services for their Customers with varied needs. You have to be careful in selecting your Spa and before your visit to your Health Spa, you must be clear about what you need to get out of your intended visit. You must know beforehand that all your requirements will be fulfilled in the Health Spa you have selected.

Finding a spa is based on what you are looking for like relaxation, rejuvenation, or some form of therapy for a condition or a trouble area you are dealing with. Each of these Services is offered by different types of Spa and you must be aware which type of Spa to select to get the Service you require.

A memorable Health Spa visit can be yours only if you are familiar with different types of Spa and their amount of time available to you for the Services you have selected. Spas can be classified into four basic categories as fitness, wellness, and day spa and holistic.

In fitness spa you can find aerobics to sports for People who want to relax and lose weight. These spas are very therapeutic for active People who enjoy being outdoors, or for those who wish to learn a new activity.

Wellness is for People who have certain Health issues. Licensed Health care specialists supervise their clients while first class clinically effective treatments are administered on the patient's request. The patients vary from those overcoming an operation to those who are trying to quit Smoking or Drinking.

Day Spa is used primarily for pampering. This type is not an expensive when compared to others. Clients come to day spas looking for a few Hours of relaxation and beautification. Day spas are great as a preparation for Weddings or a formal event where you will need to look your best. They are also great gift ideas for anyone looking for a rejuvenating experience.

Holistic is to treat the Body as well as the Mind and Spirit. Many new Techniques are implemented and often include traditions from other Cultures such as Meditation and Tai Chi. Even the cuisine makes an effort to be fully nourishing. These are some of the useful ideas in selecting your Spa. Try to maintain cleanliness in your Spa visit.

If you follow these things then your Health Spa visit will be an memorable experience and you can get the Treatment or Service in such a way that you get the benefit for the Money spent and you get a feeling that the Money has been well spent.

John Gibb is the owner of health spa guides , For more information on health spas check out http://www.Health-Spa-Guides2k.Info

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Different Types Of Spas

We are usually willing to spend lots of money on clothes, food, traveling and luxuries of life. However, making a trip to the spa and spending money on the treatments available there is something we are rather reluctant to spend money on. The well being of our body is something that has to have a priority in life. So it is actually not a waste spending some money on the treatments in the spa if you are going to get refreshed and rejuvenated after the treatments.

A visit to a spa, even for just an afternoon for a simple massage gives amazing effects to our state of mind. We feel relaxed and happier and can face the hassles of life in a better way. So it is actually worth it making a trip to a spa at least in our lives. However, choosing the right spa for the right treatment proves to be a great task. You have to first have a target to reach for through the treatments in the spa. This is because there are different types of spas that cater to your different needs like relaxation, conditioning, rejuvenation, etc.

There are basically four types of spas. The first is the spa that caters to the wellness of the client. This is for people who have an eventful medical history and treatments are vested after discussions with the client’s licensed health care specialists. Most of the people visiting these spas for treatments are persons recovering from operations and people trying to quit smoking or alcohol. Treatments are administered to the patients according to the case.

The second type of spa is those that take the fitness of the client into consideration. They are specially designed for those who want to relax. Activities like aerobics and outdoor sports are provided here for better physical fitness and relaxation for the client. So this spa is better for the person who is more playful at heart. They enjoy this program because of the chance they are given of learning more activities in the spa.

The third type of spa is the holistic spa. The main reason people join this spa is to learn more about spirituality. This is the best place to head to for to learn more about self-realization. There are different meditation techniques taught here and these treatments come from different cultures and beliefs like the Chinese Tai Chi meditation.

The fourth and the more famous spa is the day spa. People who visit these spas are usually the ones who are more beauty-conscious. Making a visit to these spas gives the client an opportunity to beautify themselves and to relax themselves too. There are different types of treatments that are provided in the day spa that help to relax you and beautify you at the same time like mud packs, sauna baths, massages and yoga. In fact, the day spa is the place the bride and bridegroom head for a few days before the great day!

So making a visit to any form of a spa is greatly suggested. You feel withdrawn from the usual monotonous routine here in the spa, and greatly rejuvenated when you leave it!

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Affordable Spa Vacation? Discover It Here!

How many of you are guilty of needing another vacation just to recover from your last vacation? Vacation will never be the same again once you have tried out spa vacation. It can leave you feeling refreshed, relaxed and healthier. There are a number of different kinds of spa 'vacations'. They range from luxury pampering to rugged boot camps designed to get your body back into shape. You can choose a destination spa package, where the entire resort is devoted to fitness and health, or a vacation to a resort that has spa facilities. Spa vacation allows you to enhance your travel with health, beauty and relaxation.

Popular Destinations

Here in the United States, there are hundreds of resorts built on the idea of beauty and health treatments, pampering and prodding their guests into fitness and health. If you choose a destination spa as the location of your spa vacation, you can look forward to activities, meals and schedules that are designed to focus on beauty and health. The particular focus may be on weight loss, nutrition, exercise or luxurious pampering. Some of the most popular spa vacation destinations over the past five to ten years are Miami, Sanibel, St. Petersburg and Las Vegas!


Spa vacations are nothing new, though they are rising in popularity again. In the 1800s, it was common for the well-to-do to 'take the waters' at Baden-Baden in Germany. It's still a popular city destination for last minute spa vacations. The thermal waters of the springs in the city are reputed to have healing powers. For over 300 years, hotels and spas have catered to guests who want to return from a vacation fit, refreshed and healthy.

Resort Spa

If you'd prefer a more relaxing vacation that allows you to engage in other activities, a resort spa may be more to your liking. At a resort spa, you'll have a broad menu of leisure choices that might include golfing, skiing, water sports or hiking.

Your meal choices will often include world class cuisine alongside the healthy spa food. You'll have all the benefits of a health spa without the immersive experience, and all the fun of a resort vacation with special treatment and meals to help you focus on improving your inner and outer self.

While you're enjoying an energizing massage and wrap, you can be assured that there are plenty of activities to keep your children and spouse happy and busy as well.

Low on Budget

Spa vacations can be as simple as a day spend at a local spa. They are usually 1/2/3 days of pampering and energizing massages, or enjoy the luxury of beauty treatments that may take half an hour, or extend over the course of a day. For a comprehensive list of spa resorts and affordable last minute spa vacation packages, check out Last-Minute-Vacation-Guide.com.

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Raleigh Day Spa Relaxation and Results: Don't Sacrifice One for the Other

We all desire relaxation and stress-relief. We long for the indulgence of pampering spa treatments. Spa treatments really do make a difference in the health and appearance of the skin and some of the emphasis seems to have shifted from pampering to results. But, today more than ever, we all need some serious relaxation. There is no need to sacrifice relaxation for results.

If there is just an hour to get maximum results and relaxation, the “spa experience” must begin the minute you enter a spa. At Blue Water Spa in Raleigh, North Carolina, part of the experience is the sight and sound of water. Two large waterwalls create a peaceful serene environment from both the sites and sounds of water. At the Grove Park Inn in Asheville, an underground wonderland with water features greets clients. Kohler Water Spas create an environment of relaxation with their magnificent water features. By visiting a spas website and taking a virtual tour, you can experience the environment.

Most spas will include soothing music and aromatherapy as part of the environment to provide relaxation. And, of course, being personally greeted by someone who knows your name and wants to take care of you will help you leave your trouble at the door.

The newest trend in spa treatments, are services that include more than one provider. A favorite or many spa goers is a facial treatment, whether it be a traditional facial, microdermabrasion, chemical peel or an oxygenating skin treatment combined with a foot treatment.

A Foot Fantasy involves a therapist massaging the feet with warm aromatherapy oils using both their hands and hot stones followed by a warm paraffin dip to melt away tension and deeply hydrate the feet.

For many, a one hour treatment with two therapists is the ideal spa visit. For a busy parent or professional who requires results and relaxation, but cannot afford to spend several hours in the spa, a foot fantasy with a facial treatment is the ideal way to get maximum relaxation in minimum time.

http://www.bluewaterspa.com can provide information on spa treatments that offer both relaxation and results. Blue Water Spa has been voted best spa in Raleigh and was recognized as one of the best spas in America 2005 by American Spa Magazine.

California Spa Vacations

They call it health tourism. Tourists go to exotic island resorts in Asia and Europe not just for recreation, but also for total body rejuvenation. The spa industry has evolved from providing mere cosmetic solutions to giving a more holistic approach to caring for the body- by incorporating Eastern herbal medication, massages and essences with modern technology. Spas are creating a whole new level of experience for their patrons.

In sunny California, you will find some wonderful spas. Whether you want a facial made from mud taken from the banks of the Dead Sea or a skin-revitalizing bath of pressed grapes, you will them in California.

Finding respite from the hustle and bustle of daily city living is easier than you think. What?s more, you can take your young children along for spa sessions for fun treatments too. Most spas designed their facilities and services with enjoyment for the whole families in mind.

Numerous travel agencies cater specifically to spa vacations so finding the right spa resort for you and your entire family will not be too difficult. To give you an idea, spa resorts are usually located amidst breathtaking landscapes. They give a feeling of being away from it all, where your only worries are choosing between blueberry and wheat germ body scrub.

A spa vacation entitles you to avail of different kinds of massages and skin therapies. They will prepare a treatment plan for you, depending on your needs. The spa offers different treatments for female and male clients. Kids are also bound to get excited with treatments such as chocolate hand and foot scrubs and massages.

California Vacations provides detailed information on California Vacations, California Vacation Rentals, California Spa Vacations, California Beach Vacations and more. California Vacations is affiliated with San Diego California Hotels.

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Health Spa- How to Relax

In these modern days when you have enormous list of choices for your Spa location wise, service wise a proper planning and organized approach is very much necessary to make your Spa Visit a grand success.

Indulge in Spa visits as often as possible to learn what heals and nurtures your body and soul, and to determine what works for you. With each trip you will be able to find and learn what you like and don’t like so that with the passage of time you will be able to chart your own Spa Program that really worth the effort, time and money you spent on your spa visit.

As anything worthwhile needs a planned action so is your Spa visit. So don’t forget to call ahead and book your slot well ahead to avoid disappointment or a not so good spa experience.

On your first visit , don’t hesitate to talk to the Spa people of anything that bothers you or of concern to you about your spa visit and treatment and try to find out what are all the things you are going to get and what are all the other options open to you.

A Spa visit requires more effort, time and money and it is your duty to get the most out of it , to get the best value for all that you have spent. So speak with the Spa people, collect all info form them about the various options open to you, and make a well informed decision about your treatment, ask questions and get all clarifications before you commit anything.

It is always a good idea to drink good amount of water before, during and after your Spa visit as water is a best hydrating Agent. It makes the body cleanse itself from the lowest level and offers a good medium of fluidity and prepares your body to receive the treatment with best effect. The well watered muscles respond better to the stimulations and relaxations received during your Spa treatment and allow the treatment to penetrate deep into your body.

As the Spa treatment aims at detoxify your body it is a good idea to cut back your consumption of stuffs like Sugar , caffeine, alcohol and hard to digest food stuff like meat especially the red meat etc.

No matter with whom you go to spa, the experience, and the treatment are yours alone to feel and enjoy, so plan your visit in such a way that you have ample time before and after the appointed time of your spa visit. A good spa session, becomes even better when you communicate with the therapist and let them know what you like or don’t like. Don’t forget that you are in charge of the session, and you need not accept anything that is not your liking.

If you feel that you will be comfortable with a particular Gender, it is always wise to make it known to the Spa at the earliest

John Gibb is the owner of health spa guides , For more information on health spas check out http://www.Health-Spa-Guides2k.Info

Spa Resorts Take You Away From It All

Do you need a vacation that will allow you to get away from it all? A place where there are no unwanted distractions, no loud, obnoxious tourists and plenty of relaxation? Then perhaps vacationing at a spa resort is the type of vacation you are looking for.

We live in a fast paced world. We are constantly on the go and under stress. From work to home there are constant demands and places we need to go and things we need to do. We all dream of getting away from this fast paced world, if only for a day. We dream of a vacation or mini vacation where we will be pampered, where everything we need is at our fingertips, where we can relax and have no worries.

Believe it or not, such a place, such a vacation actually exists. You can find all this and more when you vacation at a spa resort. There are literally hundreds of spa resorts around the world from mineral spas in Jamaica, Canada and South America to romantic getaway spa resorts in France, Italy and Africa and everywhere in between. We even found spa resorts in remote corners of the world that literally give you a little oasis of your own as not many people know about them.

So what can you expect from spa resorts? The answer is just about anything you can imagine. Before searching for a spa resort you need to think about what kind of vacation or getaway you are looking for. Do you want massages and steam rooms? Do you want facials, pedicures and manicures? Do you want to simply relax in your room or enjoy soft music and a book by the pool? What will it take to make you feel pampered? If you can answer that question then you can find a spa resort that fits that pampering need.

There is no time like the present to get away from your hectic lifestyle and relax. Book your spa resort vacation today and you will feel pampered and relaxed in not time.

For additional information about PlaneTickets, DaytonaBeach, or ExtendedStayHotels visit our website.

What to Look for When Choosing a Spa

So, you made the decision to visit a spa. Now you just have to decide which spa is right for you. It can be difficult to choose the best spa, especially if you are not familiar with spas. This article offers tips on what you should look for when choosing a spa:

What Atmosphere And Services Are You Looking For?

If you want to visit a spa where you'll be pampered, you're probably not going to be satisfied if you choose a fitness spa. Because there are so many different types of spas, it's important that you do your research on spa services in order to choose the spa that's right for you. Fitness spas focus on getting fit, losing weight, and adopting a healthier lifestyle. Stress management spas focus on stress management and relaxation. Spiritual spas focus on developing and maintaining peace of mind through introspection and reflection. Pampering spas focus on providing their guests with luxury massage and facial services. Finally, health spas focus on nutrition, fitness, and lifestyle issues that lead to optimal wellness.

Are You Going On Vacation Or Looking For A Weekly Retreat?

After you've decided what type of spa fits your needs, you'll need to choose an individual spa. To do this, you have to determine whether you're looking for a vacation spa or one that's close to home that you can visit one day a week after work. If you're looking for a spa that's close to home, your search will be narrowed by distance and accessibility. However, if you're looking for a vacation spa, you have a much larger pool to choose from. You'll want to consider location and climate issues as well as costs, including travel costs.

What Is The Spa's Reputation?

Once you've narrowed down your choices, you'll want to consider the reputation of the spa as well as the services they provide. Does the spa have a history of providing reputable service to their clients? Do they have repeat clients? Are their therapists well trained and licensed? Other concerns will be price, required length of visit, and additional unexpected costs.

Does The Spa Show Signs Of Being A “Bad” Spa?

After you've narrowed your decision down to a few choices, you'll want to call and discuss your plans with a receptionist. This is a good time to evaluate how personable the staff is at that particular spa. No one wants to visit a spa with an unfriendly staff that makes their visit uncomfortable. So, when you have your initial consultation with the spa's receptionist, look for signs of a “bad” spa. For example, if the receptionist is unfriendly or unhelpful, then it's likely the rest of the staff is too. If the receptionist pressures you to purchase more than you've requested, then chances are that you'll end up paying more than you planned for the visit.

Melissa Steele is a freelance writer for BestDaySpas.com This site features local and far away day spas, luxury spas, medical spas, spa resorts, dental spas, weight loss spas and more.

Hawaii Spas: Healing Mind & Body with Aloha

With an incredible amount of choices for those who are into the active lifestyle, Hawaii vacation packages are nirvana for the sports-minded. But Hawaii also satisfies the flip side of pushing your body to the limit. Here, extreme sport meets extreme relaxation at the greatest collection of spas on the planet.

Hawaii resorts have raised the art of the spa to a glorious new level, offering exotic treatments such as rehydrating aloe body wraps, Hawaiian revitalizer wraps, “wisdom of roses” facials, fango mud wraps, Lomi Pohaku, the original stone therapy, Lomi Lomi massage, mango salt glow scrubs, Ayurvedic oil massage, Maluha (peace) and Uhane (spirit) Hawaiian aromatherapy, Reiki holding technique, limu exfoliation and detoxification therapy, cranio-sacral sessions, Maui sugar scrub & body wraps, and for you Starbucks lovers, the Ka’anapali coffee full body treatment.

More than 24 resort hotels, on five islands, offer luxurious, state-of-the-art spa treatments with a Hawaiian flair. Take a look at my favorite spots for customized Hawaii spa vacation packages:


• SpaHalekulani – Halekulani
• Kahala Mandarin Oriental Spa Suites (voted “Best New Hotel Spa” by Departures Magazine)
• The Mandara Spa at Hilton Hawaiian Village (featuring advanced holistic health programs)
• JW Marriott Ihilani Resort & Spa at Ko’Olina
• Na Hoola Spa at Hyatt Regency Waikiki Resort & Spa
• Waikiki Beach Marriott Resort & Spa


• Four Seasons Resort Maui (Rated #1 Hotel Spa in the U.S. by readers of Travel & Leisure Magazine)
• The Fairmont Kea Lani Maui
• Spa Moana at Hyatt Regency Maui Resort & Spa
• Grand Wailea Resort Hotel & Spa (Home to the world-renowned Spa Grande)

Hawaii’s Big Island:

• Four Seasons Hualalai
• Hilton Waikoloa Village
• Mauna Lani Spa at The Mauna Lani Bay Hotel
• Fairmont Orchid (famed for its innovative “Spa Without Walls”)
• Hapuna Prince Beach Resort
• Mauna Kea Beach Hotel


• Princeville Resort & Spa
• Hyatt Regency Kauai Resort & Spa


• Four Seasons Manele Bay

You say you’d love a spa vacation, but your other half is a golfing addict who wouldn’t be caught dead getting a papaya-pineapple body scrub? Remember – there are fantastic Hawaii vacation packages for golfers on just about every island. So while he’s knocking a Titleist around, you can indulge in Hawaiian-style treatments that will leave you glowing and gorgeous!

A Hawaii spa vacation with golf on the side, or a golf holiday with spa visits on the side – either way it works. All you have to do is sell it to him and it could be the most relaxing and rejuvenating vacation you’ve ever had!

Don Carter is a freelance travel writer and amateur golfer who, in his spare time, acts as a consultant for travel companies that create and sell vacation packages, giving them tips on improving their client offerings and rating the hotels and sites featured in their vacation packages. He also contributes to several travel guides. Carter recently planned a golf vacation for himself and his new bride (but he sold it to her as a spa vacation with golf on the side) at http://www.PleasantHolidays.com

Berkeley Springs Retreats

Life on the East Coast can be hectic, stressful and overwhelming at times. Taking a break at Berkeley Springs retreats is just the answer for shaking off the rut you are in.

Berkeley Springs Retreats

Berkeley Springs is a town in West Virginia that is well-known for its relaxing retreats and unique art-filled atmosphere. Berkeley Springs is located just ninety minutes from the Washington DC and Baltimore metro areas, and is a great getaway spot for those who are looking to relax.

There are five Berkeley Springs retreats that are considered to be full-service retreats, which means that they cater to all of your rejuvenation needs. Whether you're in need of a full day of treatments and massages, or just a facial, these retreats can fulfill your wishes. The Berkeley Springs retreats that are full-service are: Atasia Spa, The Bath House Massage and Health Center, Berkeley Springs State Park, Coolfont Resort and Origin Spa.

If you're looking to have rejuvenation and relaxation at one of the Berkeley Springs retreats that includes a place to stay, you'll want to book your appointments at the Coolfont Resort or Origin Spa. Both of these exquisite retreats also include inns to stay at on the premises. Coolfont Resort offers "residential spa programs", like one which helps with smoking cessation, and also offers a "spa menu" for those watching their diets. Along with these services, the Coolfont Resort also offers a range of spa treatments such as massage, facials, wraps, manicures, pedicures and even hair styling!

The Origin Spa, located at the Inn and Spa at Berkeley Springs, is a luxurious spa that caters to your every need. The spa is connected to the Inn, which is a historic inn with 62 guest rooms and five suites available for overnight stays. They offer the area's famed mineral baths, as well as massages and other spa delights. Also available are spa getaway and "Spa for a Day" packages.

In all, Berkeley Springs retreats offer the best of relaxation in a location that's close enough to be convenient, but far enough away to help you get away from it all. Book your packages early, however, as retreats such as the Origin Spa recommend you book four weeks in advance, to be assured you get the treatments you want and that you won't be disappointed. Appointments book fast at these great retreats.

Richard Rspad is with ResortSpaDestinations.com - reviews and articles on resorts. Visit us to read spa articles as well.

Spa Covers: Why You Need One

As expensive as it is to buy and install a home spa, many spa owners look for ways to cut costs. One of the most obvious places they look is with the spa equipment itself, and for good reason. By opting out of premium spa accessories like a wireless remote control system, consumers can save thousands of dollars on their spa purchase. While many spa extras can be trimmed away to save a little bit of money, one of the places that consumers should not skimp is on the spa cover.

Even though spa covers can cost anywhere from $400 to $1,000 or more, choosing to not buy one can cost you all of that and much more. The reason why is because spa covers save energy, chemicals and lives.

No matter whether your spa is outdoors or indoors, the majority of the energy it takes to run your spa goes toward heating your water to just the right temperature. As with any water that is left to sit, the water in your spa will cool down to room temperature or the outdoor temperature when the spa is not in use. This means that you will have to use even more energy to heat it up again before using it a second time, and a third, and so on. The colder you let your water get, the more energy that it will take to heat it up.

Spa covers help conserve energy by keeping your water temperature consistent. You see, the spa cover is made with a layer of foam insulation that works the same way that a thermos does. It keeps the cold air out and the warm water, well warm. This means that it will only take you a little time and a little bit of energy to heat your spa to the desired temperature before use.

Another way that spa covers help save you money is by conserving chemicals. Did you know that a gallon of chlorine will evaporate in a few hours on a hot day? With this in mind, just imagine how much chlorine you will waste if you leave your spa uncovered for the entire summer. A spa cover also helps keep rain, leaves, bugs and other undesirables out of your spa. This not only saves you money on chemicals but saves your back as well because you will not spend near as much time cleaning your spa as you would if it was left out with no barrier to protect it from the elements.

Safety is another concern around any type of water. In fact, the leading cause of death for children less than five years of age is drowning. Sure, you can be diligent about not letting any children near your spa, but snapping on a cover takes away the risk and your worry. You may even be held liable if a neighbor’s child falls into your spa.

So, let the remote control go; let the built-in snack bar go; but make sure that you purchase a spa cover and use it whenever the spa is not in use. You may save more than just a few dollars.

Credit: Ian W Anderson of The Spa Resort, the spa information site. For more spa information and articles like this one visit: The Spa Resort

Rejuvenation Experience At Different Spas

Though the origin of the word spa lies in the name of a Belgian town by the same name, today it has become synonymous with “health through water”, or hydrotherapy, which involves using hot/cold water in combination with some aromatic essential oils (called bath oils) and bath salts to provide relief from a whole range of health problems like arthritis, spondylitis, musculoskeletal disorders, depression, etc. Healthy people go for spa treatments to rejuvenate, relax and elevate their mood and spirit and come out feeling healthier.

The growing awareness of the need to relax and stay healthy among the urban population has led to the mushrooming of a variety of spas in large cities, where everyone is keen to have a spa experience. For example, if you want the most complete spa experience, then destination spa is the place for you. Here you need to stay over for 3–7 days depending upon the special theme treatments you have opted for; the package cost involves accommodation, meals, etc., too.

Then there are resort spas, hotel spas, club spas and cruise spas, which provide spa facilities and spa experience to their guests along with the normal services they are engaged in. In a medical spa, licensed doctors and therapists give the treatments.

A beauty spa, also called a day spa, is the most popular choice among busy people in big cosmopolitan cities, because here you can get a compact package of spa experience in a few hours time during your weekends. Generally, beauty spas also offer a complete range of beauty treatments like facials, massages, waxing and exfoliation treatments, etc., in addition to rejuvenation and relaxation treatments like body wraps, mud baths, etc.

A health spa offers a different kind of experience altogether. The treatments offered in a health spa are custom-designed scientifically by naturopaths to deal with specific illnesses, paying attention to nutritional aspects too. Common illnesses for which health spa treatments have been found to be effective are psychosomatic disorders like asthma, arthritis, insomnia, sinusitis, diabetes, depression, etc.

Then there are massage spas, which also provide a massage service, in addition to their beauty spa or health spa services. In a massage spa, you can avail of massage therapy and then soak yourself in the health spa’s waters for a rejuvenating feel.

However, all spa treatments are usually expensive, and therefore, restricted to those in the high-income bracket. The cost factor has prevented spas from being enjoyed by the masses. Also factors such as time, privacy and hygiene bother many people. That is where a home spa comes to your rescue. With a home spa installed in your house, you can anytime get a spa experience in the privacy of your home.

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For all your requirements of home spa products, visit us at http://www.hydrospabusiness.com. We can help you convert your regular bathtub to a home spa to give you an unforgettable spa experience.

Tips For Getting A Luxury Hot Tub At A Price You Can Afford

1. Shop factory direct.
By far the most cost effective option for purchasing a hot tub is to go directly to the manufacturer. You can save hundreds to thousands of dollars alone simply by cutting out the middleman. When purchasing from a manufacturer you are more likely to have representatives that understand the product, because they focus on their products in house. When shopping factory direct you also have the benefit of having a knowledgeable team to ask if your hot tub needs parts, chemicals, or service.

2. Customize Your Features
When buying a spa factory direct you will have options that are not always seen in show rooms or home shows. These added options and features give you the opportunity to customize your spa and leave out features that do not appeal to you. By leaving out features you can greatly alter the price of the spa to fit your budget.

3. Trade In Your Old Spa.
A common oversight in consumers is not realizing that old spas can be traded in at most manufacturers to provide a credit toward a newer spa. Many times hot tub manufacturers can give credits of hundreds of dollars for trade-ins. A great secondary benefit of this is you can trade in your old inefficient spa for a newer model that has different accessories and energy efficiency.

4. Pick Your Warranty
Something that might not save you money right away should be a major consideration for costs down the road. A solid warranty will allow you to use your spa without having to fret over the costs of repairs to your spa if anything should happen. Even with a high quality spa problems can arise, a great warranty should be a priority.

5. Look for Online Discounts.
A lot of manufactures are using the internet to seek new customers, and as such they are using online discounts to bring in first time spa buyers. Whether you are a first time spa buyer, or someone who has owned a spa for many years these discounts can apply to everyone! Discounts range anywhere from hundreds up to thousands of dollars.

Spa and Aromatherapy Certification Programs

Find Spa and Aromatherapy Certification Programs in the United States and Canada. Today, spa and aromatherapy certification programs are offered at a variety of holistic and massage therapy schools. Students, who are interested in managing their own salon or dayspa, find that spa and aromatherapy certification programs offer in-depth training and education.

The broad assortment of wellness modalities included in one of these courses may include hot and cold stone massage, aromatherapy (essential oils, herbs, etc.), hydrotherapy, reflexology, detoxification, wraps, cellulite reduction techniques, facials, and other related mind-body therapies.

Depending on the school in which one enrolls, spa and aromatherapy certification programs may vary in length and curriculum. While a number of spa and aromatherapy certification courses are well over 500 hours, others may be completed through a series of holistic workshops and seminars. In addition, spa and aromatherapy certification programs that involve esthetics, cosmetology, nail technology, and massage therapy may be 1,000 to 1,500 training hours.

Spa and aromatherapy certification programs teach future spa/aromatherapy technicians how to blend and use oils in natural beauty care, how to help in natural healing and rejuvenation through holistic and beauty nutrition, herbal scrubs, bodywork, and even energy balancing like Reiki.

If earning your spa and aromatherapy certification appeals to you, then why not apply to one of several massage or esthetics schools to earn the education you need to succeed in this ever-evolving field of natural health and beauty? Once you've achieve your spa and aromatherapy certification, you have the option to work at luxurious retreats, salons and natural health and wellness cliniques around the globe.

If you (or someone you know) are interested in finding spa and aromatherapy certification programs, let professional training within fast-growing industries like massage therapy, cosmetology, acupuncture, oriental medicine, Reiki, and others get you started! Explore career school programs near you.

Spa and Aromatherapy Certification Programs
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Students of Spa Schools - The Academics of Relaxation

Spa schools offer students an opportunity to make a living capitalizing on the growing consumer demand for beauty and wellness treatments. Whether your interest is in massage therapy, physical training, homeopathic remedies, or nail technology, spa schools offer a wide variety of curriculum to train you for the spa career of your choice. With clientele that range every age group, a growing number of spas across the country, and the rapidly expanding nature of the field itself, it's no wonder student interest has escalated as well.

In fact, according to the 2004 Massage Therapy Consumer Survey, commissioned by the American Massage Therapy Association (AMTA), more than one in five adults surveyed – 21 percent – received a massage in the past 12 months. On the academic side of the industry, the survey indicated there are 1,135 spa schools that offer programs of a minimum of 500 in-class hours – an 80 percent increase from the 628 programs that existed two years prior.

Skills Beyond Spa Schools
Graduates of spa schools who will succeed in their spa careers are generally those that have a love for helping people and for contributing to their clients' well-being. If you possess a passion for health care and contributing to your community, spa schools can turn those interests into a paycheck. Flexibility is also a large part of why many people pursue a spa career. Beyond the obvious work environment at a spa, degrees from spa schools can be applied at hotels, physicians' offices and clinics, beauty salons, group practices, and even home offices.

Some programs at spa schools even incorporate business coursework, to prepare students for the more managerial side of the spa industry. Spa directors, spa managers, marketing leaders, and operations managers are all positions found at most facilities. Students who enjoy working in the spa industry but want to pave the way to move behind working one on one with patients should explore these opportunities.

As for current trends in the industry, there are a few that are on the rise in the world of spas and massage. Massage therapy is becoming more acknowledged in medical settings, and considered by some to be preferable to chiropractic or physical therapy treatments in some cases of pain management. Also, larger numbers of health care providers are acknowledging spa therapy, and in general the Baby Boomers of the American population are growing older and demanding more spa related services and treatment.

Check out spa schools for a program that best suits your interest today!

De-Stress In Wichita Spas

Stress is a killer, but most people don’t realize they are suffering from it. Spending a couple days a month at Wichita spas is a good way to fight stress.

Wichita spas are numerous and most of them have consistently been top class, both in terms of its topnotch services and also professional customer care. For a customer looking for a break from his/her daily schedules or his/her job, it is just about finding a suitable spa near their house. A few good spas in and around Wichita are mentioned in the following paragraphs.

Healing Waters Medical Spa is one such amongst Wichita spas that are accessible for both the common man and rich alike. A state-of-the-art clinical environment and a luxurious spa, it offers everything from massages, facials, and traditional spa treatments to hydrotherapy and microdermabrasion. The medical spa treatments it offer include leg vein treatments, corrective skin peels, and cosmetic injections while those under traditional spa treatments list are aquatherapy body treatments, body cocoon treatments, and makeup care, and all typical spa services. For bookings or to gather more info on spa schedules, call 316-262-2995. The Healing Waters Medical Spa is located at 4817 East Douglas, Suite 200, Wichita.

Progressions Salon & Spa, situated at 2360 N. Maize Road, Suite 100, stands out from the rest of Wichita spas in both the variety of treatments offered and professionalism of its staff. It service list is quite exhausting, the pick of which includes hair services, massage therapy that features Swedish, deep tissue, and prenatal massages, mud wraps, European facials, and manicures. Progressions’ signature spa and bridal packages and customized spa packages that customer’s can make for themselves are its other specialties. Gift certificates are available. Consultations are available by advanced booking only. For that, dial 316-729-1980.

Another popular one amongst Wichita spas is the Davinci Spa & Salon, located at 650 N. Carriage Pkwy, Ste 90. Staffed with a team of highly trained professionals, this spa offers everything from spa manicures, pedicures, and facials – that includes signature Davinci facial, and express facial – to waxing, different massage therapies, and full body polish treatments. Other services featured in the menu are hair care, comprehensive makeup services, and customized spa packages. Spa packages are priced between $81 and $250. For more info on spa services and rates, dial 316-687-4800.

Find day spas in your area at ResortSpaDestinations.com.

Buying a Home Spa

The concept of hydrotherapy, i.e. the use of water to restore and regain health and beauty, is gaining more and more popularity throughout the world, so much so that a home spa is likely to become a lifestyle necessity, rather than a luxury item, in the future. A home spa is a great way to unwind and relax at home and more and more people are installing home spas in their homes.

Soaking in a home spa is not only enjoyable, it can also give some great health and beauty benefits due to the massaging action of the water jets and the aroma of the bath oils added to the home spa. One feels relaxed as jets of hot water emerging from all sides of the home spa relieve the tension in the tired body. One can also do simple water exercises or water aerobics inside the home spa. It’s like having a massage spa at home, with the jets of water performing the massage!

However, before you buy a home spa, keep the following things in mind. In addition to the variety in shapes, sizes, colors and styles, home spas come with a whole range of different features and hence cover a wide price range. Before shopping for a home spa, you have to decide how many people will use the home spa at one time. This will decide the size and depth of the home spa. Other points to consider are: (i) the placement of your home spa, (ii) whether you want a portable spa or a permanent home spa and (iii) the features and facilities you are looking for in your home spa.

For example, if you want to put the spa on your deck or on second floor, you need to consult an engineer to check whether the weight of the portable home spa can be supported. A permanent home spa is installed under the ground, and requires the services of a professional to be installed. A portable home spa is placed aboveground and requires no elaborate plumbing work.

While at the home spa showroom, it is a good idea to test the demo model by taking a dip to check if a particular model meets your requirements regarding the size and depth and comfort of the seats; so be prepared in advance for that.

Home spa models come with a whole range of fancy optional accessories like lighting system, automatic cover removal system, programmable jets, massaging jets, audio system, DVD system, etc. Take your pick according to your tastes and budget.

Some home spas come with digital controls displaying details about water temperature and filtration. Go for them if you are a scientist type, wanting to know the status of everything. Remember that if your home spa is a little shallow, it will heat up more quickly and consume less power and water. A home spa with good insulation helps preserve heat and save on electricity, especially in cold climates. A cover for your home spa is advisable not only to keep foreign objects out but also for the safety of the children.

To sum up, if you buy the right kind of home spa keeping all your requirements in mind, your spa area is sure to become one of the favorite areas of your home and a soak in your home spa a fervently awaited activity.

Visit us at http://www.hydrospabusiness.com for all your portable home spa requirements

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Luxury Spas Defined

The difference between a luxury spa and a typical day spa is often vague. Largely, the confusion stems from a tendency for every new spa to label their spa a “luxury” spa simply because it sounds nicer. However, the term luxury spa refers to a certain type of spa that is different from typical spas. This article explains what a luxury spa really is:

First, luxury spas have generally received awards for their excellence in services, hospitality, value, cuisine, innovation, or overall experience. Often, these awards are given out by magazines or companies that specialize in travel and vacationing, so they're very discriminatory. It's easy to find out whether or not a company has received awards -- they generally advertise the awards on their website. To determine the credibility of the awarding company, simply visit their website and make an educated evaluation of their ability to be discriminatory in their choices.

Luxury spas are so-named because they offer the best of the best spa services and amenities. They offer innovative services that may be unique to only their spa. They have a well-trained staff and a high staff-to-client ratio.

Luxury spas offer exceptional amenities for their guests. A trip to a luxury spa is spent in a luxury suite, and the overall experience is significantly more private than a general day spa visit. Massage therapists and other staff may come directly to your room to perform their services. You'll have access to private hot tub rooms, saunas, and showers. You'll also be allowed to create a daily activity schedule of your choice.

Another major difference between luxury spas and day spas is the price. Luxury spas, because they are exceptionally innovative and highly-staffed, are significantly more expensive than traditional day spas. However, for those who can afford it, the experience is likely worth the additional costs.

Luxury spas, like day spas, have their own individual specializations. Therefore, it's important that you follow the same guidelines for choosing a luxury spa that you would when choosing a day spa. If you want a pampering spa visit, you're not going to be satisfied with a fitness-specialized spa.

Perhaps one of the most unequivocal amenities offered by luxury spas is the cuisine. Luxury spas are generally known for offering their guests menus created by world-class chefs. And, depending on the type of spa you visit, these menus may even be low fat, though you might not ever realize it.

Melissa Steele is a freelance writer for BestDaySpas.com This site features local and far away day spas, luxury spas, medical spas, spa resorts, dental spas, weight loss spas and more.

The Alternative Hen Night

Organising a hen night for a close friend or your sister can be a daunting task especially if L-plate, tacky tiaras and inflatable men aren’t really your thing!

Fear not there is an alternative……

Recently spas and hotels across the UK have realised that not everyone wants to have a rowdy hen night on the town and have started to offer spa breaks as an alternative getaway for hen parties.

What could be better than a relaxing day or weekend away with the girls at some of Britains wonderful hotels and spas? Take advantage of facilities such as saunas, steam rooms, whirlpools and Jacuzzi’s. Some venues even have a full programme of workouts for the more energetic. If you are looking for something a little less vigorous then many venues around the country have beautiful grounds that you can take a leisurely stroll in.

Anything from a spa day to a full weekend spa break are available at venues around the UK.

What’s Included?

Spa Days are likely to include the following:
One or two spa treatments
A light lunch
Full use of the venues leisure facilities i.e. swimming pool, gym, sauna & steam rooms

Spa Breaks generally include:

1 or 2 nights accommodation
Several spa treatments
Full us of the venues leisure facilities

What Type of Treatments can I Expect?

Most spa breaks will include one or two treatments. This can range from a manicure or pedicure to a facial or back, neck and shoulder massage. It varies from venue to venue

When Should I Book?

It is always advisable to book a group as early as possible as spa breaks are extremely popular. Extra treatments can usually be added on to your break but again this needs to be done in advance to avoid disappointment.

Rachel Emma Paxton is the web site manager for http://www.spabreakshop.com Rachel has worked in the travel & tourism industry for 12 years.

Spa and Aromatherapy Training Today

Find Spa and Aromatherapy Training in the United States and Canada. Whether one chooses to attain spa and aromatherapy training to become certified in order to open a professional day spa or salon - or would like to simply learn more about how to use natural health remedies for personal health care; spa and aromatherapy training at one of several massage, natural healing or esthetics schools may be the right option for you.

Today, spa and aromatherapy training involves some of the most innovative and cutting-edge methods in skin care, nutrition, and wellness. Usually, education and practical training in a spa and aromatherapy course involves anywhere from a few hundred hours to well over 1,000 clinical hours.

Spa and aromatherapy training includes an in-depth curriculum in a broad range of essential oils, methods of extraction, application and absorption; blending techniques, anatomy and physiology, treatment and case studies – as well as fundamental education in various massage modalities like hot/cold stone massage, chair massage and scalp massage. Additional coursework included in spa and aromatherapy training is herbal remedies, herbal wraps, facials, esthetics, nail care and technology, mud masks, detoxification and exfoliation, and microdermabrasion.

In general, students who complete spa and aromatherapy training programs are often awarded with certification or a diploma. However, dependent upon the school and/or state regulations, some spa and aromatherapy training programs that integrate supplementary courses in esthetics, cosmetology or massage courses may require graduates to take exams and continuing education for licensure.

Overall, spa and aromatherapy training allows candidates to gain essential skills and education to become qualified spa and aromatherapy practitioners, who provide natural wellness services in spas, salons and other hospitality facilities.

If you (or someone you know) are interested in finding spa and aromatherapy traiing, let professional education within fast-growing industries like massage therapy, cosmetology, acupuncture, oriental medicine, Reiki, and others get you started! Explore career school programs near you.

Spa and Aromatherapy Training Today
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How To Locate Hotels Which Have A Spa

You’ve had a long day exploring and adventuring on your vacation and want to unwind in the hotel spa. Soaking your aches and pains away, you begin to relax. The power of the spa’s jets massage your arms, legs and back, cleansing and exfoliating while the warm water lets you enjoy an invigorating bubble massage.

Sound good? Ensure your hotel offers the convenience of a spa by following the steps to a well researched hotel reservation.

Researching your hotel reservation

The quickest and easiest way to find hotels at your destination is to go online and visit a hotel reservation website. Do a search for the city you are traveling to and you will be presented with a list of available hotels in that area.

Narrowing down by facility

You should then choose a hotel that appeals to you and click for more information. Amongst the detailed information on the hotel will be the hotel’s:

- address
- detailed description
- photos
- map and directions
- consumer reviews
- room facilities
- hotel facilities

Under the list of hotel facilities if a spa is available you should see “spa”, “spa bath”, “pool and spa” or something similar. If the hotel you have chosen does not have a spa then you should go back to the search results page and choose another hotel.

Compare hotels by facility

Another method to find hotels with a spa is to choose three of your favorite hotels from the search results and compare the three hotels side-by-side. You can do this by ‘ticking’ the box next to each hotel’s listing in the search results then clicking the “Compare” button at the bottom of the page. This will display a list of the most popular facilities with travelers.

If the facility is available at a hotel, a ‘tick’ will be displayed next to that facility. You can then compare whether each hotel has a ‘tick’ next to “spa” or not. The comparison tool is also handy for when all the hotels have a spa and you want to know which other facilities each hotel provides such as a swimming pool, gym or restaurant.


After confirming the hotel reservation online you will receive the hotel’s phone number. Give the hotel a call to ensure the hotel spa is available for your use on the dates of your stay. You may even be able to request a room with a private spa bath for your personal use.

About the Author

Liam Austin writes for OzeWorld.com where he is the founding director.

OzeWorld.com is the leading destination to research, compare and make hotel reservations online. Users can narrow down their search to specific facilities they desire in their room or hotel.

To compare hotels with a spa or for more information about OzeWorld.com, please visit http://www.ozeworld.com

Ideas For Selecting A Hot Tub In Spain

Why do Hot Tub Jacuzzi Spa manufacturers make masses of different models in various shapes, sizes, designs and specifications? It is because they can't make just one model that suits everyone. People are different shapes, sizes, heights and of course their individual lifestyles vary considerably. Before you go to the Spa dealer, take a few moments to think about why you want to buy a Hot Tub in Spain and what it is that you want from it.

Read these questions and answer them carefully, write down your answers so that you have a profile to take with you to the Spa dealer.

1. Will you use your spa just for enjoyment and spending quality time with your Family or do you want it for relaxation, hydrotherapy and to help with aches and pains?

2.For most of the time, how many people will use it?

3.Will you have guests round to use the spa and if you will, what is the maximum number you will have in your spa at one time?

4. How tall are the people who will use the spa, are there big differences in height between the tallest and shortest?

5. Will it used every day or just once or twice a week?

6. What times of the day or evening do you think you will use it?

7. How much can you spend on purchasing the spa and having it installed?

8. What is your budget for running your spa on a weekly basis when it has been installed?

9. How much time can you commit to looking after the Spa and keeping it maintained correctly?

10. How much space do you have available for the Spa?

11. Is there good clear access to get a spa to your chosen area for your own Hot Tub Spain?

12. Are you prepared to take some risk to save money by buying on the internet and perhaps from an unknown far eastern manufacturer or would you prefer the security of having a local dealer who can support you at all times for your Hot Tub in Spain?

13. Is there free access to all sides of the spa at your intended location or will some sides be inaccessible, (next to a wall etc.)?

14. Is a crane or grua required to install the Hot Tub Spain?

Now you have answered these questions you are well on your way to having created a Spa Profile, which will assist you, and your dealer in making the correct choice of Spa for your specific needs.

The author markets luxury Hot Tubs in Spain and for further information his web site is at http://www.spas4you.com

Honeymoon Resorts Around the World

Here are the lists of the best honeymoon resorts around the world:

US Mainland

· Palace Hotel
· Sheraton Bal Harbour Beach Resort
· Sheraton San Diego Hotel & Marina
· Sheraton Steamboat Springs Resort
· Sheraton Wild Horse Pass Resort & Spa
· St. Regis Los Angeles
· St. Regis Monarch Beach Resort & Spa
· The Atlantic
· The Diplomat Country Club & Spa
· The Phoenician Hotel
· The St. Regis, Aspen
· The Westin Horton Plaza Hotel
· The Westin Kierland
· The Westin La Paloma Resort & Spa
· The Westin Mission Hills Resort
· The Westin Resort Hilton Head Island
· The Westin St. Francis
· The Wigwam Resort And Golf Club
· W San Diego
· W San Francisco Eastern
· Walt Disney World Dolphin
· Walt Disney World Swan
· Western
· Westin Beach Resort Key Largo
· Westin Grand Bohemian Hotel
· Westin La Cantera Resort



· Arabella Sheraton Golf Hotel Son Vida
· Hotel Alfonso Xiii, A Westin Hotel
· Hotel Bristol, A Westin Hotel
· Hotel Goldener Hirsch
· Hotel Imperial Spain
· Mardavall Hotel & Spa
· Sheraton Bilbao Hotel
· Sheraton Mencey Hotel
· Sheraton Santa Maria de El Paular
· Westin La Quinta Golf Resort
· Westin Palace, Madrid


· Cala di Volpe
· Cervo Hotel
· Europa Regina Venice
· Hotel Danieli
· Hotel Des Baines
· Hotel Gritti Palace
· Hotel Pitrizza
· Hotel Romazzino
· Sheraton Diana Majestic Milan
· Sheraton Roma Hotel
· St. Regis Grand Hotel Rome
· The Grand Hotel
· The Westin Palace, Milan
· Westin Dragonara Resort
· Westin Excelsior Florence
· Westin Excelsior, Rome
· Westin Excelsior, Venice Lido


· Prince De Galles Hotel
· Trianon Palace, A Westin Hotel


· Blue Palace Resort & Spa
· Hotel Grande Bretagne
· Santa Marina Resort & Villas
· Vedema Resort


· Sheraton Algarve Hotel
· Sheraton Lisboa Hotel & Towers
· Sheraton Porto Hotel & Spa


· Beaches Boscobel Resort & Golf Club
· Beaches Negril Resort & Spa
· Beaches Sandy Bay
· Beaches Turks & Caicos Resort & Spa
· Royal Plantation
· Sandals Antigua Resort & Spa Sandals Dunn's River Golf Resort & Spa
· Sandals Grande Ocho Rios Beach & Villa Resort
· Sandals Grande St. Lucian Beach Resort & Spa
· Sandals Halcyon Beach
· Sandals Inn
· Sandals Montego Bay
· Sandals Negril Resort & Spa
· Sandals Regency St. Lucia Golf Resort & Spa
· Sandals Royal Bahamian
· Sandals Royal Caribbean
· Sandals Whitehouse Spa & Beach Resort
· The Westin at Our Lucaya Beach Resort
· The Westin Rio Mar Beach Resort and Golf Club
· The Westin St. John Resort and Villas
· Westin Casuarina Resort & Spa


· Kapalua Bay Hotel & Ocean Villas
· Princeville Resort
· Royal Hawaiian
· Sheraton Kauai Resort
· Sheraton Keauhou Bay Resort & Spa
· Sheraton Maui Resort Sheraton Moana Surfrider
· Sheraton Waikiki Hotel
· W Honolulu-Diamond Head
· Westin Maui Resort & Spa


· Royal Orchid Sheraton Hotel & Towers
· Sheraton Grande Laguna Phuket
· Sheraton Grande Sukhumvit
· Sheraton Hong Kong Hotel & Towers
· Sheraton Laguna Nusa Dua
· Sheraton Langkawi Beach Resort Westin Grande Sukhumvit Bangkok
· Sheraton Perdana Resort
· Westin Resort Macau
· Westin Shanghai


· Sheraton Grande Laguna Phuket Sheraton Hotel Tahiti
· Sheraton Laguna Nusa Dua
· Sheraton Moorea Lagoon Hotel and Spa
· Sheraton Royal Denarau Resort, Fiji
· The Bora Bora Nui Resort


· Sheraton Auckland Hotel
· Sheraton Mirage Port Douglas Hotel
· Sheraton Mirage Resort & Spa, Gold Coast
· Sheraton On The Park Westin Melbourne
· Westin Sydney


· El Careyes Beach Resort
· El Tamarindo Golf Resort
· Hacienda Temozon
· Sheraton Hacienda Del Mar Resort & Spa
· The Westin Resort & Spa Los Cabos
· The Westin Resort & Spa, Puerto Vallarta
· W Mexico City The Westin Resort & Spa, Cancun
· Westin San Luis Potosi

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Spa Treatments Are More Than Just A Luxury

In the last few decades, the concept of a spa treatment has undergone a widespread revolution, both in America and the rest of the world. While spas were once seen as the domain of only the rich and famous, today a variety of people see attending a day spa or a spa holiday as a wonderfully relaxing and rewarding way to spend their time and money. Moreover, spa breaks have become less of a female-only domain, with more men now indulging in the luxury that spa treatments provide.

Traditionally, the name "spa" comes from the town of Spa in Belgium, which is famous for its hot thermal baths (balneotherapy) and mineral water treatments (hydrotherapy). While spa towns have historically been concentrated in Europe, hot springs in the USA have acquired similar importance for spa treatments, as their high mineral content is especially suitable for hydrotherapy. Modern day spas, however, incorporate a wide range of body treatments, including a wide variety of facials, massages, body wraps, aromatherapy and even yoga or meditation classes.

Spa massages are a common treatment enjoyed by people visiting day spas or on spa holidays. Spa massages rely on more than the simple practice of applying pressure to the body's muscles and tissues. Instead, these types of massages are much more complex in character, with visitors to spas being able to choose from a wide-ranging list of massages that offer different benefits. The treatment of Myofascial Release, for example, involves the freeing of fascial muscles, while neuromuscular therapy is used for pain relief and specific problems with structural and postural imbalances. Spa massages can also incorporate a wide range of national massage techniques: for instance, petrissage is an important form of the Swedish massage technique, while 'Lomilomi' is an ancient form of massage based on traditional methods employed by Hawaiian healing specialists.

Spa treatments are as much a beneficial activity for medical and healing reasons as they are for fun and indulging in a bit of relaxation. Of late, spa locations and spa hotels have become venues for spa parties or spa dates and also offer a sophisticated way to spend a bachelorette or ‘hen’ party for brides-to-be. Many spas even offer a "Couple's Treatment", so that a couple can indulge in the fantastic releases of spa treatments together. Moreover, spa gift certificates are becoming popular; so if you haven’t indulged in a spa treatment yet, what are you waiting for? The benefits - both physically and emotionally - could be endless.

Choosing the Best Day Spa for a Holiday Gift Certificate

Day spa gift certificates are among the most popular gifts for every occasion. Providing relaxation, pampering and stress-relief is one of the best gifts anyone could receive. However, it can be difficult to know how to choose the best spa and the best treatment for a loved one. The following are some questions to ask to ensure that your spa gift certificate is a success:

Does the spa offer weekend and evening hours?

Having a variety of hours available to enjoy a treatment is important.

Does the therapist ever leave the room during a treatment?

Believe it or not, there are some spas that leave a client alone during a portion of a facial and will actually perform a second treatment while the client waits alone. This is unacceptable. A therapist should be in the room at all times providing pamepering and results.

Do the therapists have quotas?

A relaxing spa visit can soon turn stressful when a therapist begins aggressively pushing products. Professional skin care products are wonderful and can make a tremendous difference in the skin, but when products are being pushed by someone who has a quota to meet, often, the client’s best interest might not be the reason for a recommendation.

Does the spa have a website?

A website can be a wonderful way to learn about a spa. Upscale spas will have a virtual tour which will allow you to experience the environment of the spa. The spas philosophy and background will also help you decide if a spa is ideal for you. Gift certificate packages are typically described on a website. This will help you decide on the perfect package for you or a loved one.

Is there a physician affiliation?

Although, a traditional day spa does not require a physician to supervise treatments, it can be an indication of a high level of care. Medical spas are the fastest growing type of spa. Medical grade treatments like laser hair removal, laser skin tightening, and medical grade peels do require physician supervision.

When thinking of a day spa package, consider a treatment that will provide relaxation and results for the one you love.

To search for a spa in your area, you may go to websites such as www.spaindex.com or type in key words "best day spa" followed by your city. To find a day spa that offers the results of a medical spa, type in medical spa and the name of your city.

Kile Law owns Blue water Spa in Raleigh, NC. Blue water Spa was recently voted one of the top 4 medical spas in America by American Spa Magazine. Blue Water Spa has also been voted best day spa in Raleigh

Choosing the Best Day Spa for a Holiday Gift CertificateChoosing the Best Day Spa for a Holiday Gift Certificate

Weight Loss Spa Versus Clinic - Where Should You Go?

Have you ever considered going to a weight loss spa?

The main difference between a weight loss spa and a weight loss center or clinic is the atmosphere. Weight loss spas exude a more relaxing atmosphere while functioning in very much the same way as a weigh loss center or clinic would.

When you check into a weight loss spa, you will be undergoing a fitness program that involves teaching you how to eat healthier and an exercise regimen made specifically with your fitness goals and needs in mind. Weight loss spas also offer different activities that complement your fitness program. Cooking classes can help teach you about how to properly prepare your foods so you retain much of the nutrients in it. Different activities like swimming, tennis, golf, and hiking, to name some, are also offered to give you a variety of physical activities you can add to your fitness program. Each weight loss spa however, is different from another so activities that are available in some might be unavailable in others.

Before you check yourself into a weight loss spa, be sure to check out the different weight loss spas in your area. As each is different in handling their fitness programs, look for a weight loss spa that is not only best suited for your fitness goals and needs but also appeals to things that you like. If you like ranch living, a ranch-type of weight loss spa might just do the trick for you. Is zen your cup of tea? Then a zen-inspired weight loss spa is the best way to go.

When you go home after you've checked yourself into a weight loss spa, don't think that your want to become healthy was just a phase. Keep at it. Most, if not all, weight loss spas are actually geared towards this purpose. Where health is concerned, a weight loss spa might just be the solution you're looking for.

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Personalized Terry Cloth Spa Slippers - Personalized Bridesmaid Gift Ideas

You want to surprise your bridesmaids with something special but you are not sure what to get them. Well how about a pair of personalized terry cloth spa slippers. The spa slippers make excellent personalized bridesmaid gifts. The spa slippers come in many different colors and sizes. You can also get a matching personalized spa robe to match as well.

So what makes the spa slippers so great? Well, it is all in the thought. You took your time out to purchase personalized gifts for your bridesmaids. You didn't just go out and buy whatever you seen at the moment, you actually have taken your time and had the gifts personalized to their liking. That really does mean a lot to your bridesmaids.

When your bridesmaid's open their new personalized spa slippers they'll be excited and happy that you have went out of your way to make sure that you made their day. Personalized gifts show just how much you appreciate your wedding party and your guests. It shows everyone that you are not going to purchase some regular ol' gift for your girls. You are getting them personalized gifts that your bridesmaid's can cherish for a long time.

Your ladies will go to the spa in style, especially if you splurge on them and pick them up a matching personalized spa robe to match. Why not go all out for your ladies. They've been their for you and now it is time for you to ante up to the table and show them exactly how much you appreciate them.

So go get your ladies some personalized gifts. They'll definitely appreciate it.

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Spa and Aromatherapy

Find Spa and Aromatherapy Schools in the United States and Canada. Spa and aromatherapy schools are a one of a kind educational system that instructs students in the natural art of health and beauty. Students enrolled in spa and aromatherapy schools will discover a mixture of spa treatments that include hydrotherapy, Ayurvedic massage, stone therapy, and related bodywork techniques.

A number of spa and aromatherapy schools provide certificate and diploma programs, depending on the course of study you choose. In many cases, spa and aromatherapy schools provide general curriculums in anatomy, pathology and physiology, aromatherapy principles and techniques, aromatherapy massage, flower essences and essential oils, beauty body treatments and facials, spa therapies, cosmetic chemistry, and several other associated subjects of study.

In addition to hands-on and clinical training, students participating in studies in one of many spa and aromatherapy schools will commonly gain basic first aid skills. Because spa and aromatherapy schools present an extended course of study to students, professional massage therapists can facilitate this training to expand their private practices and enhance services provided to clients and patients. Additionally, individuals who are seeking to develop entrepreneurial skills can use training and certification gained through spa and aromatherapy schools to open private aromatherapy spas, salons and clinics.

If you are interested in enrolling in one of many spa and aromatherapy schools or would simply like to learn more about spa and aromatherapy schools, feel free to browse the Healing Arts Schools directory today.

Find your dream job! Let education within fast-growing industries like massage therapy, cosmetology, acupuncture, oriental medicine, Reiki, and others get you started! Explore career school programs near you.

Spa and Aromatherapy
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Create a Spa Retreat at Home!

In today’s high-stress world, a visit to a spa can provide a much needed renewal for your mind, body and soul. If you don’t have the time and/or money to head to the nearest spa or resort, consider creating your own. Experience the benefits of a day at the spa by creating a near-professional spa in your own home. Here are some ideas for transforming you bathroom into a relaxing spa retreat.

Widely used in spas, bath salts or salt scrubs made with sea salts are wonderful for their detoxifying properties. The Romans, Greeks and other European cultures have long believed in the benefits of healing through bathing in hotsprings.

If you’re giving yourself a body treatment, have a body brush, loofah or sponge within easy reach. One of the best ways to revive skin is to exfoliate before you get in the shower. The ancient spas of Japan were known for their dry brushing techniques. Gently brush your body using circular motions with a soft body brush, starting at the feet and working your way up. This light brushing technique removes dead skin cells while stimulating circulation.

Pamper yourself with classic and elegant spa garb – a luxuriously thick white terrycloth robe. If you don’t have a robe handy, find your fluffiest, softest towel. For an unmatched toasty treat, heat your robe or towel in the dryer before using.

Water from the bath has a drying effect on the skin. To make the most of your skin replenishment, keep a special body lotion for spa days – one with an aroma that you enjoy.

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Spa Gift Baskets

Are you tired and confused looking for a perfect gift for your dear ones? Why not look for gifts that relieve stress? You can always send your loved ones spa gift baskets. This is a basket full of therapeutic bath treatments to ease their, a hair and body spa treatment basket or relaxation treatments. It would surely make them happy, don't you think?

Spa gift baskets are widely available in most therapeutic stores, department stores or specialty gift centers. You can buy a gift basket full of Italian bath treats, home spa treatments or spa accessories. A spa gift basket with specialized spa robe and towels are also available.

Like any other gift baskets, you can also buy spa gift baskets in variety of themes to complement the person you're sending the gift to. You can buy bridal spa gift baskets for your soon-to-become bride friends, travel spa gift baskets for your loved-ones who are about to take some vacation or travel or new mother spa baskets for new moms in your family. You can also avail of any calm spa sets as your gift basket.

How To Choose The Best Basket?

Sending your friends and loved-ones with great spa gift baskets are ideal. However, you cannot just send a basket full of spa items without considering your recipient. Before buying, be sure to know if your recipient has any allergy that can be induced by spa treatments. Also, know if a certain item may induce that allergy. This way, you can be sure that you're sending a really nice spa gifts to them.

Choosing your basket will also depend on the person you're sending the gifts to and the occasion. Be sure to choose a basket that complements the recipient; gift baskets for mothers should be sent to friends or loved-ones with kids. Any friends with foot problems would best appreciate foot spa baskets. On the other hand, your sweethearts would surely love romantic-themed spa gift baskets.

Spa Gift Baskets Online

Whether you're looking for spa gifts for your family or friends, there's no other best way to do so than to look up on the Internet. The Web has many websites that offers a wide variety of gift baskets for you to choose from; and you'll surely find many that offer spa gift items. These online stores offer convenient packages and reliable shipping procedures; hence, you're sure to have your orders delivered on time and in the right place. Live chats and toll-free numbers are available so you can reach them for further inquiries.

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