Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Tips For Getting A Luxury Hot Tub At A Price You Can Afford

1. Shop factory direct.
By far the most cost effective option for purchasing a hot tub is to go directly to the manufacturer. You can save hundreds to thousands of dollars alone simply by cutting out the middleman. When purchasing from a manufacturer you are more likely to have representatives that understand the product, because they focus on their products in house. When shopping factory direct you also have the benefit of having a knowledgeable team to ask if your hot tub needs parts, chemicals, or service.

2. Customize Your Features
When buying a spa factory direct you will have options that are not always seen in show rooms or home shows. These added options and features give you the opportunity to customize your spa and leave out features that do not appeal to you. By leaving out features you can greatly alter the price of the spa to fit your budget.

3. Trade In Your Old Spa.
A common oversight in consumers is not realizing that old spas can be traded in at most manufacturers to provide a credit toward a newer spa. Many times hot tub manufacturers can give credits of hundreds of dollars for trade-ins. A great secondary benefit of this is you can trade in your old inefficient spa for a newer model that has different accessories and energy efficiency.

4. Pick Your Warranty
Something that might not save you money right away should be a major consideration for costs down the road. A solid warranty will allow you to use your spa without having to fret over the costs of repairs to your spa if anything should happen. Even with a high quality spa problems can arise, a great warranty should be a priority.

5. Look for Online Discounts.
A lot of manufactures are using the internet to seek new customers, and as such they are using online discounts to bring in first time spa buyers. Whether you are a first time spa buyer, or someone who has owned a spa for many years these discounts can apply to everyone! Discounts range anywhere from hundreds up to thousands of dollars.

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