Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Ideas For Selecting A Hot Tub In Spain

Why do Hot Tub Jacuzzi Spa manufacturers make masses of different models in various shapes, sizes, designs and specifications? It is because they can't make just one model that suits everyone. People are different shapes, sizes, heights and of course their individual lifestyles vary considerably. Before you go to the Spa dealer, take a few moments to think about why you want to buy a Hot Tub in Spain and what it is that you want from it.

Read these questions and answer them carefully, write down your answers so that you have a profile to take with you to the Spa dealer.

1. Will you use your spa just for enjoyment and spending quality time with your Family or do you want it for relaxation, hydrotherapy and to help with aches and pains?

2.For most of the time, how many people will use it?

3.Will you have guests round to use the spa and if you will, what is the maximum number you will have in your spa at one time?

4. How tall are the people who will use the spa, are there big differences in height between the tallest and shortest?

5. Will it used every day or just once or twice a week?

6. What times of the day or evening do you think you will use it?

7. How much can you spend on purchasing the spa and having it installed?

8. What is your budget for running your spa on a weekly basis when it has been installed?

9. How much time can you commit to looking after the Spa and keeping it maintained correctly?

10. How much space do you have available for the Spa?

11. Is there good clear access to get a spa to your chosen area for your own Hot Tub Spain?

12. Are you prepared to take some risk to save money by buying on the internet and perhaps from an unknown far eastern manufacturer or would you prefer the security of having a local dealer who can support you at all times for your Hot Tub in Spain?

13. Is there free access to all sides of the spa at your intended location or will some sides be inaccessible, (next to a wall etc.)?

14. Is a crane or grua required to install the Hot Tub Spain?

Now you have answered these questions you are well on your way to having created a Spa Profile, which will assist you, and your dealer in making the correct choice of Spa for your specific needs.

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