Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Buying a Home Spa

The concept of hydrotherapy, i.e. the use of water to restore and regain health and beauty, is gaining more and more popularity throughout the world, so much so that a home spa is likely to become a lifestyle necessity, rather than a luxury item, in the future. A home spa is a great way to unwind and relax at home and more and more people are installing home spas in their homes.

Soaking in a home spa is not only enjoyable, it can also give some great health and beauty benefits due to the massaging action of the water jets and the aroma of the bath oils added to the home spa. One feels relaxed as jets of hot water emerging from all sides of the home spa relieve the tension in the tired body. One can also do simple water exercises or water aerobics inside the home spa. It’s like having a massage spa at home, with the jets of water performing the massage!

However, before you buy a home spa, keep the following things in mind. In addition to the variety in shapes, sizes, colors and styles, home spas come with a whole range of different features and hence cover a wide price range. Before shopping for a home spa, you have to decide how many people will use the home spa at one time. This will decide the size and depth of the home spa. Other points to consider are: (i) the placement of your home spa, (ii) whether you want a portable spa or a permanent home spa and (iii) the features and facilities you are looking for in your home spa.

For example, if you want to put the spa on your deck or on second floor, you need to consult an engineer to check whether the weight of the portable home spa can be supported. A permanent home spa is installed under the ground, and requires the services of a professional to be installed. A portable home spa is placed aboveground and requires no elaborate plumbing work.

While at the home spa showroom, it is a good idea to test the demo model by taking a dip to check if a particular model meets your requirements regarding the size and depth and comfort of the seats; so be prepared in advance for that.

Home spa models come with a whole range of fancy optional accessories like lighting system, automatic cover removal system, programmable jets, massaging jets, audio system, DVD system, etc. Take your pick according to your tastes and budget.

Some home spas come with digital controls displaying details about water temperature and filtration. Go for them if you are a scientist type, wanting to know the status of everything. Remember that if your home spa is a little shallow, it will heat up more quickly and consume less power and water. A home spa with good insulation helps preserve heat and save on electricity, especially in cold climates. A cover for your home spa is advisable not only to keep foreign objects out but also for the safety of the children.

To sum up, if you buy the right kind of home spa keeping all your requirements in mind, your spa area is sure to become one of the favorite areas of your home and a soak in your home spa a fervently awaited activity.

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